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Why Terra Dei

Petra - The Monastery
Holy Sepulchre

Family Atmosphere

We want you to rest and enjoy your trip, in a very friendly way. We care for our pilgrims.

Respect for Tradition

Our guides have the knowledge, sensibility and respect for the Scriptures and the Holy Places that you expect.

Experience & Professionalism

We have been in the sector for almost two decades. You will feel completely at ease and satisfied.

Total Service

Let us take care of your flights, accommodation, schedule, transportation, reservations in Holy Places, special requirements,… Anything else? Just tell us.

Know the Holy Land

Holy Places and people, customs, history, different visions of the area and its amazing situation,… a really enriching and unique experience.

Your Best Investment

Be another one of our really very satisfied customers. This is our goal.

What Our Customers Say

Your Satisfaction is #1

From September 9 to 16 2015, our Community, Daughters of Mary of Nazareth, made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Terra Dei Tourist Agency. We were very blessed to have Mr. Fabien Safar as our pilgrimage guide and spiritual leader for our journey (…). Fabien is not a tour guide who is experienced in the history of the land. Fabien is the son of the country; he is a man among his kinsmen.

I can most highly recommend Terra Dei for Holy Land pilgrimages. I have brought various groups in size (six persons, thirteen and thirty five). I have brought lay people and another group only religious. The quality of guiding, the food and lodgings were perfectly met even though each group request was totally different. The land package was cost effective and the week each group spent there changed their lives in faith, cultural and political understandings.

Un des grands avantages de cette agence est évidemment sa souplesse par rapport au tourisme de masse ou aux pèlerinages formatés. Ce fut du « sur mesure ». Avec un nombre restreint de pèlerins et une liberté de choix dans l’itinéraire, nous avons vu un plus grand nombre de lieux dans les meilleures conditions. Très sincèrement, ce voyage fut un vrai bonheur.

Durante 7 días recibimos la atención de Terra Dei no solo profesional y logística de gran calidad (all inclusive de 5 estrellas) sino también de gran calidad humana y espiritual de las personas de Terra Dei que nos acompañaron en la semana de peregrinación en Nazareth, Belén y Jerusalén, como el gran conductor Edmon Atala quien le dio la alegría a las jornadas y una gran anfitriona y guía Selma Steinberg con su vasto conocimiento y entrega, con gran calidez y espiritualidad. Muchas gracias, una experiencia que no olvidaremos.

La elección de los recorridos, el ‘timing’ para las paradas, los lugares para almorzar, los hoteles donde alojarse, todo fue a nuestra más amplia satisfacción y el programa dejaba amplios espacios para la reflexión personal, el descanso en silencio o la charla interesantísima sobre política, etc.

He viajado a numerosos lugares en el mundo y he tenido experiencia con decenas de Agencia de Viaje organizando tours privados. Terra Dei es, por lejos, la agencia más profesional que me ha tocado experimentar.

The organization of our pilgrimage was flawless. Terra Dei took care of every detail with such thoroughness that we were able to focus on the marvels of the Holy Land and the explanations of our expert tour guide.

Un conseil : n’ hésitez pas, partez découvrir cette Terre Sainte, n’ayez pas peur… Terra Dei est votre sécurité, votre guide, votre intermédiaire à la découverte de nos racines chrétiennes! Merci, Fabien!