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If I tell you that you will be more secure in Israel than in any European country, would you believe me? Probably not, but it is true. Criminality in Israel is by far lower than in any European country. It is true that there is a conflict going on and we suffer from time to time its consequences but we need to take into account:


1.       When something happens, very often it occurs in very specific areas. People know that and can avoid it simply by not approaching them.


2.       The media all over the world amplify whatever thing that occurs in our country. Whereas many crimes in other countries don’t appear in the news, all event related to the conflict here is cover of newspapers in every country, giving a distorted impression of what is really going on.


Whoever has visited our country previously, except in case of war, share the opinion that our country is much safer than what appear in the news and in many cases even more than their countries of origin.


Documentation, visa:

  • Israeli law requires a passport valid for more than six months from the date of entry into the country. Airlines -which are required to strictly enforce the legislation- may refuse to board passengers who do not comply with this condition.
  • For most of the countries Israel gives a visa in the same airport: a tourist visa, for 3 months.
  • For some Asian countries Israel ask for a visa in advance. Check it with your embassy.
  • For more information, contact the Israeli embassy of your country.
  • Here you have general information about the visa requirements of the different countries for entering Israel:

-A good guide of the Holy Places to read, before and after.


-A Gospel / Bible.


-Clothes depending on the season.
We can distinguish four main touristic areas:


1. Jerusalem and surroundings.
High place, around 800 m above sea level, not on the coast.

It is dry and warm in summer. Normal temperature in summer is around 30-33 ºC.

On the contrary, the winter is stronger than in the other areas. We may have snow once a year or each two years, but temperature normally varies from 10 – 15 ºC.


2. Coast: Cesarea, Haifa, Acre.
In comparison with Jerusalem it is more humid, with higher temperature in summer and a milder winter.


3. Tiberias lake, Dead Sea.
Places below sea level (Tiberias around -200m; Dead Sea reaches -430m), it´s the hottest area in the country, reaching normally more than 40º C in summer. The winter is very soft (Herod knew it perfectly and placed there his winter palace).


4. The Negev and the Judaean desert.
More extreme temperatures between day and night. Very hot in summer. Trips to Massada, for example, in summer, require a good planning and a good amount of liquid.


In general, it´s very good to bring in summer a cap or hat, covering also the shoulders. As footwear, something comfortable for long walks.
In winter, warm clothing and comfortable waterproof shoes for walking. Hiking models work very well.


-Decent clothes for visiting the Holy Places.
We will be visiting churches and in many places we won’t be allowed to enter if we don’t cover our shoulders and wear long trousers or skirt.


If you don’t want to pay roaming, you can get sim cards for local calls and internet from about 80 NIS (around 20 €).


-Camera or smartphone.




Better to bring them with you in advance. It may be difficult for the pharmacies to give a medicine without going first to a local doctor.


-No need to bring a notebook and pen: TerraDei provides, for you to write your personal impressions of the trip.


-Of course money!
In many places you won’t be able to pay with credit card, so bring cash. There are many money changers in the different main cities. Check the rate in internet before. In most of the touristic places people accept USD or Eur.